Ensenada as a Birthplace of Mexican Democracy: A Political History of Baja California

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Missionaries and English colonists
Clube Democratico
Casinos and opium dens
Anarchist socialist invasions
Renegade colonels
100 million dollar generals
Ruffomania and democratic revolutions
Find it all in Ensenada!

This book, conceived during the years I directed the Ethnographic Field School in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, provides a historical account of how Ensenada, Baja California Mexico became the “birthplace of Mexican democracy.”
The principal purpose of the book is to show through a historical analysis that democratic tendencies are deeply rooted in Ensenada’s past and how historical developments provide support for the claim that Ensenada is the birthplace of Mexican democracy.
It details how Ensenada, from its early inception, was distinct from the rest of Mexico and how foreign influences contributed to its’ democratic tendencies.  This foundation eventually gave rise to a peaceful democratic revolution, first in Ensenada, then in Baja California, and finally in all of Mexico when the institutionalized party was swept from power in the 2000 elections.
The information regarding this interesting historical and political process has been previously available only in Spanish.

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